• 5. Dezember 2016

Sean Edwards Trophy

Sean Edwards Trophy

Sean Edwards Trophy 795 530 jules

I know I have been a little reluctant posting lately. It was a busy second half of the season focussing  on driving to be a winner, and  learning the ropes instead of getting my social media dialled in.

But there are one or two things I would like to make the admired reader  familiar with.

Last weekend my teammates and I attended the price giving ceremony or also called night of champions hosted by the SRO Motorsport Group. We, as a team, were able to collect quite a few prices. So were my boys Maxi Buhk and Dominik Baumann able to receive there cup for winning the overall championship of the Blancpain GT Series. Chief engineer Renaud Dufour had to make the walk to the podium more than once to collect a few trophies in the name of HTP-motorsport for example for winning the team title in the sprint cup and more!

You might be wondering right now; ‘so what the h*ll where you doing there?’

Well, I was nominated alongside Dries Vanthoor and Luca Stolz to win the first ever Sean Edwards Trophy. The trophy would be awarded to the guy with most similar characteristics, driving style, approach in racing and in life as Sean Edwards who was a 26 years old professional racer who passed away during  private testing,  co-piloting a 20 year old rookie on the 15th of October 2013.

After all of us were given a going over in regard to the way we work, drive, live life, and interestingly what we want to contribute to this world.  I, Jules SzymkowiakJJ, was awarded with the inaugural Sean Edwards Trophy.
You can not imagine how honoured and speechless I was when they called my name to a small but nevertheless a very important walk of fame on the SRO podium!

Now almost a week later the storm has settled down a bit. First of all I would like to  thank Daphne and the Sean Edwards Foundation for improving motorsport safety, for taking this initiative and seeing my talent and believing in it. Second of all I would like to thank once again everybody that stood behind me until this point. A special thanks to my parents and Norbert Bruckner who have been a big part of making this wonderful  career possible.

Thankyou followers for your support.

Keep track and see you soon, back on track.