So let’s some up some key points about how when and why I started motorsport.

So my dad and me had a deal back in elementary school that if I had an average grade of 80%, I would get a reward. You know I was this little ADHD kid smart enough but just not able to sit still for 30sec therefor I just needed a little extra motivation. So in my last year of elementary school I managed to stay seated for like 45secs and finally got this 80%. My reward was a motocross bike and 2 weeks later after the first time I got on it I did my first race. Really that is where my competitive life started and where I put down my roots.

For safety reasons after a surgery Motocross wasn’t an option anymore so we opted for a safer type of motorsport at the end of 2008. On my 13 th birthday it found myself for the first time ever in race kart.

I started racing karts in 2009 and moved my way up the ranks never repeating a category.


Rotax Max junior (Dutch and Belgian championship)


Rotax Max senior (Dutch, Belgian and BeNeLux championship)


Rotax Max DD2 (european championship (3 rd ), world championship 14 of 72. Dutch champion BeNeLux championship




Formula BMW Talent Cup (shoot out winner(covering 30% budget=price)) DNF in one and only main race


European F3, couple rookie podiums, around 10 points finishes (Van Amersfoort Racing)


Blancpain Sprint HTP Motorsport Bentley